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Announcing Our Ending Violence Against Women Digital Action Campaign

World Pulse is excited to announce the official launch of our Ending Violence Against Women Digital Action Campaign! We invite you to join us in speaking out against violence as we showcase the voices and solutions of grassroots women around the world. We believe that your stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring an end to gender-based violence.

Tell us your own story and perspective on violence against women, either personally experienced or witnessed in your community, and outline your vision for change.

In this campaign, World Pulse will spotlight your testimonies and broadcast your solutions and personal visions.

We will channel your story, along with other women's stories from around the world, to major media outlets, advocacy groups, policy-makers, and key international forums to ensure that your voice is heard through the halls of power.

In addition to our global campaign, we are launching our first ever regional focus—a highlight on the Democratic Republic of Congo—to engage and spotlight Congolese women’s experiences, solutions, and visions for a new, peaceful Congo with women at the helm.

Visit our new Campaigns page to read submissions from other community members and to find out how you can participate and be heard today!


lovepowerrespect's picture

woman awareness

Women should be aware in domestic violence and the signs of it in. Let us have the power to have an advocacy in announcing the ending in violence against women.

elian's picture

women can

We, women, let us all know our rights. It is the only thing that will bring us to serenity. We deserve to have the best of evrything.

Sanjay Dixit's picture

End to Violence against women

Copy of letter -

Thanks for your mail.


I sincerely appreciate your efforts and wish you all the
best for achieving success.

As you mentioned that there are about 3 billion women
who do not have access to clean cooking facilities and
that clean and health safe cooking environments are
not available.

In India, a very large number of woman who work as
maid servants plus sundry others, face this problem.

It is very common, in their families, that the male
members consume a lot of ALCOHOL, local as well as
imported, thereby spending most of their income on
alcohol. They rely on the maid servants income for
feeding the children and if their money is finished,
they harass and even beat the wife for more money for
further alcohol their consumption. This is a very
common feature over here. Children grow up in unsound
physical and mental conditions and are victims
of unhealthy mental and physical conditions in varying

Obviously, they do not provide for improving the
working conditions at home, which is easily possible.

Simillar is the case with lower middle and middle
class families, although may not be that serious.
But the basic remains the same - this money that
is spent on rampant alcohol consumption can otherwise
be used for improving family conditions.

Simillar trends could be prevailing at the global
level also.

It is extremely important that this trend be changed
for the betterment of family health, economic conditions,
and general progress, which will go the distance to
achieving your objectives.

Kindly do look into the matter and do the needful.

Best Regards,
Mr Sanjay Dixit,

sanjay r. dixit

Wendyiscalm's picture


Dear Sanjay,

I have just read your article with dismay and sadness. Here in Chicago, Illinois USA, I used to own 4 small substance abuse clinics. Now I have retired and written a book instead.

But I know the same problem, to a lesser degree, permeates the poor here. However, we are in a different place in social history and there is more likely help.

But what can one do at this time in India, do you suggest, to start towards resolving the problem? I do not know your culture well. But the process known as INTERVENTION is huge here in the USA to get the wife and families to confront the alcoholic in a certain way. it is a process which I suggest you google and explore,. Even though you become knowledgeable in this method I am not sure the women are in a position to do it. I, myself, years ago had a husband who was alcoholic and I had 4 small children. I did not have the proper education, support or finances to move out. I went back to school and got my degree and started my businesses then. Then I learned how to do an intervention. But I must tell you it was very very hard and very very scary.

I also joined free a group internationally known as ALANON for spouses/wives of alcoholics who support and help them emotionally prepare to change and confront the problem. I do not know if they have such a group in your area. But it is free and very very helpful.

If you do not have this group, perhaps you can google it and start a group there. Just an idea.

So, just as a starting point, I am asking you if you would be so kind as to answer my question above,

I am so sorry this is such a huge problem but I am so glad that you have opened up the issue for discussion.

Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together),


Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

Sanjay Dixit's picture

What can be done?, answer to Wendy

Dear Wendy,

Thanks for yor reply.

The problem is at the sociological level. There are organizations that
treat alocholics; the likes of alcoholics anonymous. But again I reiterate
the problem is at the sociological level. Humans are social creatures.
people go for parties; a party is incomplete and not enjoyable
withour drinks (alcohol). One can start talking ones heart out after
a peg or two and the party really begins after first 1 or 2 pegs have
found their way into the blood. Lot of laughing and talking becomes
possible, which is why people do partying.

There are also people who drink because they have problems in their life
and alcohol is to escape from them at least for a temporary period.

Especially in big cities, people do not have or do not afford to spend
evening/night time in clubs/recreation centers for playing sports
such as tennis, swimming, badminton, table tennis, jogging, socializing
with different people etc. It is important that the day's work pressures,
stresses,tensions and interpersonal strains, if any are offloaded on the
same day.

I would go on to say that even street beggars find some place for recreation
after a days hard work because that involves a lot of stress and strain.

This not being the case the day's work pressures,stresses,tensions and
interpersonal strains are doewnloaded into the blood and veins courtesy
our bottle of alcohol.

As you can see if people have a natural and healthy way to remove stress
and free themselves of the days stains and tensions, there will be
less dependency on alcohol to do the job.

Evening Club life recreation should be made an integral part of human life.

Best Regards,
Sanjay Dixit,

sanjay r. dixit

Sanjay Dixit's picture

Indian Caste System

Dear Wendy,

You mentioned that you do not know what the culture over here is in India. There is Caste System in India. My knowledge about it is not beyond a few sentences about it. Caste is some kind of dichotomization of humans. There are Castes, Sub-Castes and Sub-Sub-Castes, etc. Beyond this, I have no idea what it is all about. I have no idea because the What and Why of castes was never taught at school or college level. Whether there truly is justification for its existence or not is not known. The external manifestations of caste systems can be seen in caste based injustices, violence and repressions – interference in the natural world, disturbance in natural world. There appear to be no beneficial effects of it on human life. There are some inter-caste marriages; but those marriages are labeled as ‘inter-caste’. There are instances where a boy and girl have fallen in love and want to marry but their respective caste members see it as forging an inter-caste alliance and, therefore, discourage them from marrying each other and if the would be couple do not agree, their caste members may go to the extent of killing them mercilessly – either the boy or the girl or both. Even in jobs, businesses persons from the same caste are given preferential treatment. Some time back when I was trying to get a life partner for myself, I would go to the internet matrimonial websites and search for available prospects. I became a paid member and contacted prospective members. Several of them asked me what caste I belonged to. I told them that I don’t have much idea about it. They told me that we prefer our caste member; politely implying that you should have checked before contacting us. This appears to be a deadly, cold-blooded and possessing the potential to be kind of lethal stuff. This is one of the cultural components over here.
Kind Regards,
Mr Sanjay Dixit, Mumbai, India

sanjay r. dixit

Sanjay Dixit's picture

Female Foetcide

Dear Wendy,

There is serious problem of Female Foetecide in India. As you must know that Foetecide is removing the fetus using doctors services and also paying them for it because it is of a female. In a male dominated society there is preference for boys. Actually Foetecide is a crime against humanity; however, those who do so and request to get it done are not treated as criminals and prosecuted under national/international law. There are several other countries where this thing is practiced. This, of course is violence against women and has to be handled at international level. Kindly do the needful as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Sanjay Dixit
Mumbai, India

sanjay r. dixit

lydia kimomoi's picture

LETS end violence against women

It is believed that a woman carries the home, family community, society, the nation and the world at large because of her role sop when a woman suffers violence then all will suffer.
It hurts to see the way women suffer from violence: physically, socioeconomically, psychologically especially in Africa & the case study- Kenya today. LETS rise up and say no to Violence against Women and who would join me do this?

Lydia Kimomoi
Frely Foundation Center

Sanjay Dixit's picture

The World is with you

Lydia Kimomoi,

The world is with you for ending violence, discrimination and crimes against Women / girls.
The world includes me also.

Best Regards,
Mr Sanjay Dixit

sanjay r. dixit

lydia kimomoi's picture


Good to hear that great news of sharing a vision & mission. yes we can despite of various challenges

Wendyiscalm's picture

You make a good point

Hi Sanjay,

You make a good point. It is NOT just the women who want to stop this. There are good, educated, human men who want this stopped. How do we get through to them to help. Also, what organizations are you using to help with this massive problem? Have you contacted Amnesty International? I think everyone agrees it has to stop and we have to rise up BUT HOW? What steps can be taken one at a time to get there?

Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

Sanjay Dixit's picture

What Steps can be taken -

Hello Wendy,
Women can seen in this a great opportunity for transforming the world by re-orienting, that is to say giving a new orientation to the world.
The knowledge that we have today at our disposal is the result of lifelong dedicated efforts of generations of men and women.
No god drops from the sky mathematical formulae and scientific theories for mankind to know and learn. keeping this view in mind, I thought of coming up with the idea of the Advanced Civilization Management(ACM) paradigm or platform.
We as humans think and like to think that there are civilizations in the universe that are much more advanced than us. Which means that they do not have any of the problems that we have because they solved them or had worked differently because of which by passed them.
We have a colossal list of problems and it is a truly mega colossal job, at the global level, to manage and resolve them.
Basically the ACM body is intended to be a globally independent body that will manage and implement solutions for handling and eliminating global and human issues such as - Global Warming; Climate change; deforestation; de-militarization of the world; extinction of plant, marine and other life forms; Female Foetcide; Hunger/Poverty; unemployment; building advanced space ships for travelling on other planets and beyond; global pollution; Religious extremism; Infertility; Ozone Layer Depletion; Over exploitation of natural resources that are not replenished;.......and the list goes on and on. There is just one and only one body globally of the ACM that does this works and gets the work done from the world.
No god is going to come showering his pity on humans on earth to wave a magic wand on our priceless and loved planet for wiping out all human and manmade problems, in just one simple stroke.
You can read my journal post with the title. Its a bit tedious but you will greatly benefit.
Advanced Civilization Management_update13/09/2012
Let women be the world ACM leaders.
Will write to Amnesty International also.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Sanjay Dixit; Mumbai, India

sanjay r. dixit

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